What is the difference between EV-5 and 5R?



The EV-5 rifling combines the superior sealing and ease of cleaning attributed to true polygonal rifling, with the positive bullet grip of traditional rifling to deliver truly impressive performance with less bullet deformation.


  • 416 R Stainless Steel
  • 5 Land Hybrid Rifling (Not 5R)
  • Higher Velocities
  • Extreme Accuracy
  • Longer Shots
  • Less Bullet Deformation so you will see less in-flight bullet drag
  • Better Bullet sealing for higher velocities and more consistent shots
  • Easier Cleaning
  • Fast Brake-In
  • Less Maintenance
  • Longer Barrel Life




5R is a 5-groove rifling pattern with sloped or angled sides to the lands. All rifling has a certain amount of angle to the sides of the lands as a natural effect of the rifling process. The sides of the grooves are parallel, but the sides of the lands are not and the 5R carries this to an extreme.



Lands and Grooves

Lands and Grooves

Inside the barrels of handguns and rifles are spiral impressions called rifling. The raised portions of the rifling are known as lands and the recessed portions are known as grooves. When a weapon is fired, these lands and grooves cut into the bullet, putting spin on it as it travels through the barrel of a firearm. Because bullets have an oblong shape, spin is necessary for accurate flight.